May the force be with you … Author !

Author : Kaan Ozkordag

Author : Kaan Özkordağ


About the author…

Who is this author … He has been working more than 10 years in different sectors like Construction , Automotive , Internet , Electronics , in IT field as IT specialist, System Administrator and System Infrastructure Developer. He can’t live without information and internet , He loves writing code , developing softwares and systems, he is  curious about technology, science and space every day more than before. It is important for him to add from himself  where he lives or works.  He loves to read books watch films. He holds the culture of StarWars in his heart willing to live with this culture and may the force be with him… A colorful character…  And he never forgets the nostalgia in technology.


Kaan Ozkordag at Standard Profil Office

Altough I have been working about hardware and system , I couldn’t give up coding . I always tried to use that  knowledge and curiosity to add value to my work . And that made me discover the different ways of System Administration. In this journey  the orchestration tools are become a very close friend of mine. A specially Microsoft Orchestrator. Thank you Microsoft .

at Soyak

Author : Kaan Ozkordag at Soyak Holding System Room

Technology is my home . That is why it doesn’t matter if it is hardware , system or software ( coding – programming – developing  ) . All of them are in my curiosity chamber. The problem is TIME!

at Standard Profil

Kaan Ozkordag at Standard Profil System Room

Author : Kaan Ozkordag




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