Journey by Starlight – Scientific Cartoon Book

KewinOsborn/ June 16, 2017

What about A Journey by Starlight With Einstein ?

Journey by Starlight with Einstein is a very enjoyable scientific cartoon book for every age . Our hero Einstein explains the everything about universe , time , atoms , energy ,light , mass gravity law , the relativity of time , DNA and more with a simple ,understandable  language.

Our wishes and regrets while reading

The best part of the book is it talks to every-age . It has lots of fun in it. While I was reading it , I remembered my chemistry lessons at school . I remembered with regret of I hadn’t read it before. Beacuse I hated too much chemistry those days. I loved physics but , chemistry was so hard and obscure to me. But I see , If I had read this book , I would have loved chemistry. Pitty! May be I would have been more successful at chemistry . Anyway , I must say the education system needs this book for children to love science and understand more.

Who is The Author and The Illustrator?

The book has writeen by Ian Flitcroft and Illustrated by Britt Spencer.

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You can reach bio of the author : bio of IAN

And If you would like to follow  Britt from Twitter : @thebrittspencer

You can reach bio of the illustrator : bio of BRITT

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