The Giver

Kaan Özkordağ/ February 16, 2015



Hi people  ;  I ‘ m keeping on writing  the movies that I get a kick out of … Today , I will tell a little bit about ‘The Giver’.  Did you watch Equilibrium ? The Giver has a very similar subject with Equilibrium.


02-Jeff Bridges

03-Merly Streep

A Dystopian Society

It is about a dystopian society that seems very peacefull and good coordinated at the first look.  You will be supposed that they find a good way to develop a peacefull and reliable society and may be you will want to be living in a similar society or under a government like this one , for the first look. But than while the movie progressing,  you will get a sense of something is wrong with the government of this society.



04-Brenton Thwaites


You will watch a world which has been reconstructed after a big world war and the power of the human-being that struggles with an assimilation study of a government , and  the birth of a love. A future fiction movie…

Actors & Actresses

In this movie you will be with ;  Jeff Bridges-‘The Giver’  with his  wide wisdom , Merly Streep – ‘Chief Elder’ with her dystopic and totalitarian ideology , and two young people’s  unstoppable love ; Odeya Rush-‘Fiona’ and Brenton Thwaites-‘Jonas’.






You may ask; “why the movie is grey” at the beginning . You will see why. I can hear you asking if the movie all along grey  🙂 ” No , it is not ” 🙂

It is one of the best dystopian movies I have ever watched and I strongly recommend to see this movie all you guys 😉 .


08-The Giver





I wish you a good movie time,  

See you another movie,

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