Kaan Özkordağ/ September 5, 2014

Unfortunately  , nowadays , Samsung leaves a bad reputation behind with its unsatisfied customer services and ornery mobile products in front of their customers.

Day by day , the Brand Samsung which comes up with charging and batery problems  as  is causing money  and time loss to their customers; may also cause a hand loss while charging because of its  burning , flaming Exynos 5 Octa CPU after getting hot , so becarefull.  As every technical man knows , over 40-50 °C degrees heat may cause a damage on an electronic device. So if any device that you bought is getting hot more and more while charging  , it is inevitable to be faced with a board problem.While  The Samsung Mobile Devices which are locking and reseting thierselves undesirely  because of their  heating  problems are leaving users in the lurch . Samsung Customer Services defends their products ,claiming that the situation is not a defect thus they are trying to hide the inextricable situation that Samsung in. With their swelling bateries on charge , Samsung is risking their customers’ personal health also. Actually , they are not recalling the products because of the fear losing money but they are losing their reputation.

I would like to remind , as known from the media , for a while ago , Samsung was tried to draw attention on notebook sector , but at the end; by their incompetency they had to leave this sector for not getting more damage. So it seems that Samsung will get faced this incompetency situation again on mobile sector.

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