The Very Valid Reason Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Samsung Mobile Phone !!!

Kaan Özkordağ/ August 5, 2014

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Hi guys ,

In this article, I will tell about why you shouldn’t buy a Samsung Mobile Phone ; This is proved by its’ own Technical Service. Yes,this is how the techinical Service of Samsung said that Samsung mobile phones are inferior than other mobile phones .  How did they say that ? Are you curios ? Then listen ;

1 month  ago , I bought a Samsung S4 from Vatan Computer at Mavişehir and after 5 days the phone begin to lock and reset itself and it wasn’t turn to normal unless you take off the batery and put it back . It  happened 4 or 5 times in different places , also in charge, in 15 days and we turn it to the factory settings   perhaps with the hope of resolve. But  another day it hapened again and again and again. It has been past 25 days after we bought it . And I gave it to Samsung Service and I said that I want my money back or I want my phone to change with a new one because the phone that they sold me was malformed. I gave the invoice  and all the stuff about the product with it’s box . But they said ; “no !  Before that ,we must  identify if there is a problem ” .So I’m lying 🙂  They took it and called 2 days later and said ; ” there is nothing with this phone you can come and  get it” . I couldn’t accept that but I had to take it and  test it again . Thus , I broke down my holiday and went to the service. The name of the Samsung Service is CTB ( 1595 sk. No:250 Serinkuyu Caddesi Karşıyaka – İzmir ) . They bring me the phone . I wanted to talk with the technician who test it . And we had a short conversation. He told me how he test it and saw no problem with it  and I asked , ” then why it happened to me 6  times in 25 days and is it enough to test it 2 days ?” , He said , ” you may test it until tomorrow and if  it happens again tommorrow is the last day to change the phone because 1 month period was expiring tomorrow to change it .”  .Well but I understand it is malformed and take it to the service before 1 month period past , then what is my fault if you couldn’t find the problem and if you are incompetent? They said it is the procedure At the end ,  I said Ok I will push the device until tommorrow. I will use it with its all performance and I will put it to charge at night until tomorrow morning”. And he suddenly said ; ” no ! Don’t put it to charge all night ! It can go bad!”   I was shocked ! I said Why ? I am using IPHONE for 4 years with the same conditions but nothing happend to device ? He said you were lucky then ? I was shocked again because a technical employer of Samsung was talking about luck for four years about a device … And I said I was using HTC before for 3 years  with same conditions , I charge it twice a week all night every week for three years and nothing happend ? Then was it luck again ??? He said “No , Nothing happens to HTC .”  I was shocked third time . I said; “Ok then you’re saying to me HTC  and IPHONE are more sturdy than Samsung . Is that true ? ” He could say nothing ! because he had said it in a different  way and it was so clear ! You shouldn’t buy a samsung mobile phone ! It can break down easily, it may be malformed  and they wont change it altough it has been just 1 month you bought it . Because Samsung’s Customer Satisfaction is disgrace , ridiculous and miserable. Because you may have a defective device in your hand after you bought it.And believe that , altough you gave it to Samsung’s own technical service , most likely , they are not able to find where  the problem is …  And they will not care you in your favor ! They will always think just theirselves…


So what happened to the device ? It continues to freeze  and lock  and same problems goes on  , and  it will go another Samsung Service again . We will pass 2-3 days or 1 week without a phone again . And no one that works in Samsung will care about us again . . .  Now Samsung is very close to court and take place in the media with it’s injustice and miserable manner of Customer Satisfaction.

Samsung Customer Number : 7221399371

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