Ender’s Game

Kaan Özkordağ/ February 21, 2014

Hi movie-colics ;

I would like to introduce you this friday movie choice …. Ender’s Game ;

I mostly evaluate  movies in three scales . . ;

  1. is there fun  ,emotion or excitement? ,
  2. is there something to learn?,
  3. is the movie absorbing and engrossing?

Just one of them is enough to to think it is worth watching. But if there is more than one , then the movie must be seen. So this movie is the one that must be seen. Why ?


Because you will learn and see lots of strategical science of behavior , some leadership qualities and strategical thinking and tactics at this movie.  And also it is engrossing , exciting and absorbing . This movie shows the  philosophy of the warrior spirit , another taste of StarWars… Must be watched…

“Not winning , the way we win matters…”


Gavin Hood


Gavin Hood (screenplay), Orson Scott Card (based on the book Ender’s Game by)

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