Internship (2013)

Kaan Özkordağ/ January 6, 2014

Now… I’m keeping my promise that I gave in my previous article by writing this…

May be you’ve got bored of adventure and sci-fi movies , and searching a movie just for having a good time , and fun with friends… and if you’re a computer guy then you will see, there is a lot of thing to laugh at in this movie… Two sales man ; – that may be called for a computer guy as fogyish two sales man- 🙂 lost their job because they unable to keep up with technology. But they have some good specialities or characteristics for a human being  must have will make them to reach the success at GOOGLE ;” friendship , good relationships with people , being open for learning , go-getter personalities”.  You will fall in love with the working environment of the google. You may ask; “is that real! ” so the answer is : yes it is!.. If you search on google with their working environment and conditions you will see… And you will have a very good time with Googliness Soul… 🙂



Directed by

Shawn Levy

Writing Credits (WGA)

Vince Vaughn (screenplay) and
Jared Stern (screenplay)
Vince Vaughn (story)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Vince Vaughn
Owen Wilson
Rose Byrne
Aasif Mandvi
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